Blonde Girls

We all live in a world that is filled with lots of baseless information about various things. The most mos surprising thing about these myths is that people believe on it that too without having any scientific or logical reason or explanation for that. In this article I am about to share those myths that are popular about blondes in the city of London and other part of the world. After knowing these myths and related facts, I am sure you will change your opinion for blonde girls of London and from other places as well.

They are stupid: This is the biggest and possibly the dumbest myth that people have about blonde girls. People think that all the blonde girls are just stupid and they cannot do any intelligent work in any situation. However, this myth has no base or facts to prove this point and science believes that you hair color can’t be a factor that can define your intelligence in any manner. Also, many girls in London are not naturally blondes so effect on intelligence due to hair color is not possible in any case.

They easily get laid: If you have this opinion, then either you are reading a lot of cheap magazines or you know nothing about blondes. You need to understand that all girls get laid only if they like a guy and their hair color would never affect the decision in it. This rule is applicable for all the girls of every places including London and outside of London as well. So, if you think you are in London and you can get laid with blondes girl easily in London, then you are just making bridges in the air and you will never get success in it.

They don’t work hard: One more common and completely baseless myth about blondes is that they do not work hard and that’s why they do not reach to top positions also in bigger companies. However, the fact is just opposite to this and due to this opinion blondes need to do more work compared to other girls so they can prove them worthy for their job. Also, because of this hard word and complete dedication they do get more success also in their work compare to other girls in London, but they get this success because they deserve it.

It is easy to be a blonde: Not only in London, but in the entire world many girls color their hair to get the sexy and attractive blondes look. To maintain this look they color their hair and they do touchup to their root as well due to the non natural blondes color. Other than this, they face so many other complications and myths as well that girls face in London and other places if they belong to groups of blondes. So, if you have this opinion that being blonde is an easy thing then you shall think about all the problem again before making a final decision for this opinion.

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