Lesbian Figh

When you will read some erotic stories about lesbian girls, then you might not get any story that talk about the fight between two lesbian girls. Though, this is a fact that that lesbian girls love to fight with their female partner and they get amazing and erotic feelings also with it. Indeed, this fight is not like trying to defeat each other in a ring, but in this act both the lesbian girls remain winner because of both of them get erotic and sensual pleasure with it. Also in most of the time they would do it in the privacy of their room where lesbian girls can give erotic and sexual pleasure to each other in every possible manner.

To have this erotic fight, mostly lesbian girls start with oil massage to each other. This oil massage does really wonder for them and they get a slippery body that helps them get the best fun with each other in easy manner. This massage gives erotic feelings to lesbian girls and when they fight with each other in a wrestling way, then they get


good sensual feelings with their body as well. This quality makes them a great pleasure and they always enjoy nice and romantic time with their partner that too by having a fight. Also, this act brings them closer to each other and that increase the strength of their relationship. So, I can say this particular activity gives same kind of result for lesbian girls that straight people generally get with sex.

One more thing that I can say about this act is that it look very much erotic and interesting to guys as well. If a guy would fight a fight between two lesbian girls, then he will surely get erotic experience with it. Because of this reason many men tune to fight channels and they watch wrestling matches between girls. Indeed, in wrestling matches girls may not be lesbian but when they wrestle, it gives erotic pleasure to men and they always enjoy it in a great way. However, if you will ask men why they watch a westing scene between two girls in a wrestling match, then they would never share the fact and they would never accept that they get nice and erotic feelings with this fight.

I think men would not accept it in a candid manner because they would consider it a taboo and they don’t want to be the subject of joke with their feelings. Same is the case for stories as well and I think people do not share their stories about the like of lesbian fight because of taboo factor. Here, I also want to clarify that this is only my opinion and people can have different feelings or opinion for same. Also, I might be completely wrong as well so before you take any decision on the basis of my opinion, I would ask you to do your research also for that so you stay away from problems or trouble.

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