Sexy Asian girls and escorts

Thailand has an international reputation for being notorious as a sex tourism destination. Most tourists who visit Bangkok often picture the night streets beaming with sexy Asian girls ready to offer their escort services. Several sexy asian girlreasons can be attributed to this phenomenon.

In Thailand, enlisting the services of an escort is not exactly viewed in a negative light. Actually many Thai women believe escort services reduce the prevalence of rape cases. In other words, they seem to have chosen to accept that prostitution is a part of their fabric and nothing much can be done about it.

Moreover, extramarital sex with escorts is in a way encouraged for Thai men. It is seen as a better alternative to the men marrying a second wife. As a result of these open minded social views, sexy asian escorts are generally not looked down upon in Thai culture. To many it is just like any other source of income.

Bangkok, Soi Cowboy, Patong and Pattaya are main sex tourism hubs. However, there are hundreds of different locations tourists can enjoy the services of the sexy Asian girls. Prostitution takes place in nearly all major Thailand cities and provinces.

Avenues such as massage parlors, hotels, restaurants, bars and saunas take part in the escort trade. Some bars will openly encourage their patrons to solicit sex. In others, the prostitutes are directly employed as escorts.

It is widely known that many Thai massage parlors employ sexy Asian girls to provide sensual massages to clients in addition to offering other side services including sex.

In Thailand prostitution exists in some sort of legal grey area. While not legalized on paper, it is not explicitly prohibited either. Laws against solicitation are in place but they are never enforced. Moreover, the police actually

closely monitor the transactions that occur and provide protection to escorts.

By the look of things sexy Asian girls will continue to parade Thailand streets without fear of prosecution. In fact they are mostly concerned about sexual violence or contracting diseases.

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